WEGH Group S.p.A. with its 60 years of experience is the strategic partner for rail, metro and tram mobility.

WEGH Group, brings together in one entity the know-how of the specialized Business Units  which synergistically support customers in the realisation of the planned solutions.

Our Story

The history of WEGH began in 1958, the year that marked the birth of Niccoli e Naldoni, a well-known Italian railway company dedicated to the production of railway signalling components and equipment acquired by WEGH. Over time, other companies in the sector have become part of the group and each of them, with their specific skills, has contributed to enriching the overall know-how of the WEGH GROUP.

BIMA: Design and production of prefabrication plants.

SICI SYSTEMS: Plants for the production of sleepers, sleepers and slabs.

FERLAGO: Design, realisation and optimisation of reinforcements for prefabrication.


COSMET: Manufacturing overhead cranes, lifting equipment, wheeled overhead cranes.

NICCOLI AND NALDONI: Design and manufacture of signaling systems.

Electronic LES: Research and design of high reliability electronic equipment.

IPA RAILWAY: Design and manufacture of railroad ties and railroad switch sleepers.

IPA INTERNATIONAL: Design, consulting, operational coordination, manufacturing and installation.

OLMI: Design and construction of Carousel plants for the production of concrete sleepers, sleepers and slabs.




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Philosophy and Mission

Wegh Group is able to offer its customers an increasingly integrated service, in terms of products and services, in the field of infrastructure activities in the railway, tram and metro sectors.

The market will appreciate our ability to propose ourselves as a flexible and multi-technological partner, integrated into the customer’s competitive system and able to contribute in a specialised way to expectations.

The innovation of our proposal does not only concern the plurality of our offer, but also our working methodology. Our philosophy leads us to identify, together with the client, the optimal solution in each situation, starting with an analysis of the context and technological options and the identification of key variables. The WEGH Group’s working method starts from a problem-based approach to the customer’s need. Experience has taught us to ask questions: we complicate life to make it easier for our customers. 



General Director

Marco Ranzieri

Let’s broaden our horizons together

As WEGH’s history documents, in the pursuit of success, collaboration is key. This is why WEGH seeks to expand its horizons together with its partners, suppliers and employees.

How can I collaborate with you?

There are many possibilities, depending on the type of collaboration you would like to establish. If the collaboration is commercial, you can contact us via email address and phone number on the site, if you want to work for WEGH we have a space just for you called ‘COLLABORATE WITH US’.

Where do I find the "Collaborate with us" section?

The section COLLABORATE WITH US is located in the drop-down menu fixed at the top of the company. There you will have the possibility to consult the open positions, and if you are interested fill out a form to contact us!

How can I view open positions at WEGH?

In the section Collaborate with us, there is a whole paragraph about open positions, where we explain our requirements and what we are looking for. If you think you have the right characteristics to enter in this world, Apply!/p>

Can I apply for positions that are not open?

We certainly look at all applications, perhaps with a little less urgency than open positions, but if your CV or contact request piques our interest, we will contact you!

How can I get more information?
There are several ways to contact us and request the information you need. For example, you can call us at +39 0525 300 111, or send an email to: cv@gwegh.it, our staff will respond promptly to your requests.

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