WEGH GROUP S.p.A. manufactures in its Italian plant a wide range of sleepers to meet the different needs of rail transport. This know-how is transferred to subsidiaries around the world adapting to different local regulations and country context.



WEGH Group, thanks to the skills acquired over the years, is able to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.


The Manufatti per armamento business unit represents a guarantee of quality and reliability. The products follow Italian and European standards and are flexible in every railway sector.


GUARANTEED delivery times, customer technical support for specific cases and flexibility in supply management make WEGH an ideal partner to work with.


The materials, design, and manufacturing process technology used by WEGH Group are subject to continuous checks by the QA department to ensure that specifications and design standards are met. Various types of sleepers and different types of railroad ties are produced for high-speed and conventional lines by many railroad agencies. Similarly, we produce sleepers designed for streetcar and subway use.

Railway sleepers

Metro sleepers

Turnout Bearers

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