Equity Participations

WEGH Group is able to provide its own Know-How developing synergies with foreign partners promoting new commercial outlets. The WEGH Equity Participations Business Unit, has the task of introduce the products and the skills of WEGH Group abroad to promote jointly local production.



WEGH Group thanks to its experience, is able to provide adequate products to its customers.


Thanks to the experience, WEGH Group has developed products that offer the customer reduced maintenance and life cost.


The products developed by WEGHcomply with the main standards to ensure safety and reliability.

WEGH Group Equity Participations


WEGH Group has the know-how on product and production process thanks to the synergic collaboration between the Plants Business Unit and the Concrete Sleepers Business Unit.

Strengthened by these skills we propose to support our partners, as qualified subjects, along the entire path to ensure the expected success.

We offer our consolidated experience in the analysis of the environmental context and in the definition of the adequate production system in order to share a Business Plan to validate the feasibility study of the project.

The financial aspect is carefully analysed thanks to the drafting of a predictive Cash Flow that will also be the guideline of the NewCo. on the necessary financial commitment.


Starting from the feasibility study, WEGH Group accompanies and shares with its Partners the analysis of the project up to the realization of the Business Plan.

Thanks to the skills and experience of the Track System Business Unit, a team of qualified technicians develops the final and executive design of the track internally, while the Plant Business Unit is entrusted with the construction of the Arianna® prefabricated plate production plant to meet the needs of the project.

The process is completed with the assistance and management of the track construction phase, with the planning of the laying activities with the help of the means previously studied and created by WEGH to optimize the intervention times.

An all-round support that is completed with the financial and management analysis thanks to the models of control and cash flow management developed by the Participations Division of WEGH Group.


Due to the excellent results achieved by the Signalling Equipment Business Unit in terms of high reliability and availability of its signalling equipment and systems, the Participations Business Unit of the WEGH Group develops joint ventures for their local implementation.

The flexibility of adaptation to local standards of WEGH Group’s equipment and systems makes them a highly usable product in the international context.

For the benefit of the constant after-sales service and availability of spare parts, the Joint Venture plays a key role in supporting the customer.

In order to contain costs, giving further impetus to the local context, the Business Unit Equity Investments evaluates, in collaboration with the Partners, the possibility of implementing local activities by allocating the assembly of components to the Joint Venture, leaving unchanged the expected quality standard.

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