WEGH Group History

The story of WEGH is not made up of lead actors, but rather of many co-participants who join the parent company to achieve the goals most easily

The history of WEGH Group S.p.A.

Founding Members

Marco Ranzieri, Adriano Papotti, Franco Cervi, Franco De Cicco.


The history of WEGH Group began in 1958 with the establishment of Niccoli & Naldoni, a well-known Italian company operating in the railway industry.



1982 was a pioneering year: BIMA and OLMI, now WEGH Group, produced the first Long Line plant and the first Carosello plant for the production of prestressed concrete railway sleepers.



IPA Ferroviaria, now WEGH Group, in 1987 became the first company in Europe to manufacture ballastless prefabricated plate rigging systems.



In 1990, S.I.C.I., now Wegh Group, was founded.



S.I.C.I., now Wegh Group, acquires BIMA, a company with significant know-how in precast concrete equipment and concrete rail sleeper plants.



1996 was the year of the acquisition of L.E.S. Electronics, now WEGH Group, with the aim of implementing electronic expertise in the railroad field within the Group.



The year 2001 marks the certification of the first maneuver box for WEGH Group’s Level Passages.



In 2009, WEGH Group achieved a goal of global significance. The world’s largest plant for the production of concrete railway sleepers is built in Brazil.



The year 2012 represents a watershed in the recent history of WEGH Group; in fact, IPA International and IPA Ferroviaria are acquired. Important acquisitions that have made WEGH Group among the only companies in the world with the dual KNOW-HOW of Process and Product.


Wegh Group


WEGH Group achieves SIL4 certification for e-LCSP level crossing command and control system



In 2019, WEGH Group acquires another pioneering company, OLMI, which is strong with important skills and references in the production of pre-stressed concrete sleeper and diverter sleeper plants with the Carousel system.



In the same year, WEGH Group built a new production plant of its own at its Calcinate (Bergamo) site, with a production capacity of 180 sleepers per hour.


Wegh Group


WEGH Group continues to innovate: the first “4-HEAD SCREWING MACHINE” is developed, which guarantees a tie rod offset angle as required by DB specifications in addition to offering an innovative tie rod unscrewing system, which is the subject of an international patent.



WEGH Group’s ongoing technological research has led to the development of an innovative system for the proper placement of Under Sleeper Pads (USPs) on railroad sleepers. The new machine, the subject of an international patent, has replaced previous versions and uses optical sensors to optimize the process.



At the WEGH Group’s production site in Calcinate (Bergamo, Italy), the new plant for the production of ARIANNA® prefabricated plates for ballastless railroad track construction is being tested.


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