Railway signalling systems

WEGH Group is active in the railway signalling and safety areas with a consolidated know-how in the engineering and manufacture of mechanical, electronic and electromechanical equipment, including equipment for handling railway switches, level crossing barrier machines, electro-hydraulic train detectors, LED light signals, control systems for level crossings, and other components. All products are manufactured in compliance with international railroad specifications and the supply specifications of Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (Italian Railway Network), i.e. the entity in charge of infrastructure management that is globally renowned for its strict safety standards.


Reliable, modular and configurable solutions ranging from specific components to complete protection systems…


Innovative, modular and patented in-sleeper solutions offering utmost safety in a railway switch…

Why choose Wegh ? Our company is worldwide known as leader in signalling system.

R&D is a key function to which significant resources are allocated.