Railroad signal equipment

Railway signalling systems for safety protection

Our company specialises in the railway signalling sector, with consolidated know-how in the design and production of mechanical, electronic and electromechanical equipment.

WEGH Group manufactures part of the devices that make up the railway signalling infrastructure, guaranteeing maximum safety in the management of train movements. Our group offers a wide range of level crossing systems, such as devices to protect the movement of trains and prevent cars and pedestrians from crossing railway lines while trains are passing.

We are able to meet various automation and power supply requirements and our products adapt to different types of tracks, ensuring maximum safety and reliability of performance.

Our products

Within our offer you can find:

  • Level crossing barrier machines;
  • Electronic control panels for level crossings;
  • Switch machines;
  • LED signals for level crossing protection;
  • Electro-hydraulic train passage detectors.

WEGH Group’s railway signalling equipment is installed both in Italy and abroad: in 2012, for example, our company supplied complete level crossings for the renewed line between Accra and Terma, in Ghana.

What is more, in eight years, from 2010 to 2018, WEGH Group built around 12,500 TD96/2 level crossing barrier machines, featuring an advanced hydraulic drive system, for RFI (Italian railway network) and the concessionary railways.

Production of railway signalling systems by WEGH Group

WEGH Group places the safety of the road user, the train and its passengers at the heart of the design and production of its railway signalling equipment. Our systems comply with Italian and international regulations, including CEI-EN 50126, CEI-EN 50128, CEI-EN 50129.

To make our signalling systems even more efficient, our group invests in innovation every year: our Research and Development centre in La Spezia has designed an electric turnout switch system that meets the most stringent requirements in terms of safety, reliability, maintenance and operation.


Reliable, modular and configurable solutions ranging from specific components to complete protection systems…


Innovative, modular and patented in-sleeper solutions offering utmost safety in a railway switch…

Why choose Wegh ? Our company is worldwide known as leader in signalling system.

R&D is a key function to which significant resources are allocated.