With product and process know-how, we are able to respond to all the various needs and problems of our customers worldwide. We support our clients in analyzing and choosing the best solution for the context.

Plant machinery and equipment

to Carousel and Long-Line

Wegh Group can supply machinery and equipment and carry out partial or complete revamping of old plants.
By constantly investing in R&D, WEGH Group offers innovative and cutting-edge solutions both in terms of production, in terms of OEE machines, but also in terms of Optimization of energy consumption. We combine, at the same time, the implementation of systems (SCADA) for control and analysis of production data in line with the Industry 4.0 plan.

The synergy between the Plant and Armament Business Units enables the continuous improvement of plant reliability, availability, quality and productivity, ensuring that technology is always at the cutting edge.
Through gradual modernization of equipment and machinery, with a focus on critical production issues, WEGH Group is able to assist the client by formulating a dedicated gradual revamping plan, highlighting the necessary investment and timing.

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