Thanks to our product and process know-how, we are able to respond to all the various needs and problems of our customers all over the world. We support our customers in analyzing and choosing the best solution for the context.

Production plants of sleepers

WEGH Group, thanks to its consolidated know-how in the design and construction of Long Line and Carousel plants, is able to provide turnkey solutions for the production of railway sleepers, plates for ballastless systems and sleepers for pre-stressed reinforced concrete switches.

Our company, with a wide portfolio of achievements in the world, offers both Long Line plants, with production capacity from 120 to 4800 sleepers per day, and Carousel plants, with production capacity from 25 to 150 sleepers per hour.
Our references boast installations of more than 70 plants in over 30 countries, including Brazil, with a plant whose production capacity is 4800 sleepers per day.

Coping in the best way possible with the variables of the local context, such as, for example:

1. the availability and quality of raw materials available on site;
2. Climatic situations;
3. The regulations to be respected.

WEGH Group is able to support the customer in the selection between the two production systems, Long Line and Carosello, to identify the most suitable solution.


The Long Line production plants for pre-stressed reinforced concrete beams and sleepers feature a level of automation that allows them to operate in the most varied production contexts.
The control system of the plant is electromechanical and allows the operator, through an ergonomic console, a semi-automatic management simple and intuitive.

A further added value of Long-Line plants for concrete sleepers and crosspieces is given by the use of wires or strands with improved adherence, which are easy to find, even locally. This saves money on the final product, as well as distributing prestressing loads more efficiently.

Long Line production plants have production capacities ranging from 120 to 4800 sleepers per day and are developed in such a way as to adapt to customer and market requirements.
The modular logic and the high production flexibility of the machines of the Wegh Group’s Long Line production plants allow the implementation of production lines through scalar and contained investments.
The main production machines, combined with ad hoc production layouts, can be used on several parallel Long Line lines: this feature allows, through gradual investments, the achievement of the production capacity required by the market.


The Carousel production plants for pre-stressed reinforced concrete sleepers and transoms are characterized by a high level of automation. The machines that make up the various stations of the production process are in fact managed and controlled by PLC (or centralized peripherals with programmable logic) that ensure high precision and reliability.
WEGH Group offers production plants with production capacities that support from 25 to 150 sleepers per hour.
A peculiar feature of the WEGH Group Carousel plants is that they offer different prestressing systems such as:


with improved adherence wires, wire with anchor plates at the ends:
post-tensioned, through the use of sheathed wires bolted to the anchor plates.

The Carousel system is a versatile solution that adapts to different production requirements. In addition, the Wegh Group’s Carousel concrete sleeper production systems are made up of modular components, designed to guarantee, should the market require it, an increase in hourly production by simply installing additional machinery alongside the existing ones.
This system is greatly facilitated by the fact that Carosello plants do not require foundations or civil structures: this allows mobility, easy disassembly and relative re-assembly in other sites.

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