Plants for TURNOUTS Production

With product and process know-how, we are able to respond to all the various needs and problems of our customers worldwide. We support our clients in analyzing and choosing the best solution for the context.

Production facilities for sleepers

WEGH Group, thanks to its well-established know-how in the design and construction of Long Line and Carousel plants, is able to provide turnkey solutions for the production of railway sleepers, plates for ballastless systems and prestressed concrete turnout sleepers.

On the strength of a wide portfolio of achievements in the world, our company offers both long Line plants, with production capacities from 120 to 4800 sleepers per day, and Carousel plants, with production capacities from 25 to 150 sleepers per hour.
Our references boast installations of more than 70 plants in more than 30 countries including Brazil, with a plant whose production capacity is 4800 sleepers per day.

Coping as best as possible with local context variables, such as:

  • The availability and quality of raw materials available on site;
  • climatic situations;
  • The regulations to be met.

WEGH Group can assist the customer in selecting between the two production systems, Long Line and Carousel, to identify the most suitable solution.

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