With product and process know-how, we are able to respond to all the various needs and problems of our customers worldwide. We support our clients in analyzing and choosing the best solution for the context.

Production facilities for sleepers and sleepers

WEGH Group, thanks to its well-established know-how in the design and construction of Long Line and Carousel plants, is able to provide turnkey solutions for the production of railway sleepers, plates for ballastless systems and prestressed concrete turnout sleepers.

On the strength of a wide portfolio of achievements in the world, our company offers both long Line plants, with production capacities from 120 to 4800 sleepers per day, and Carousel plants, with production capacities from 25 to 150 sleepers per hour.
Our references boast installations of more than 70 plants in more than 30 countries including Brazil, with a plant whose production capacity is 4800 sleepers per day.

To best cope with local context variables, such as:

  • The availability and quality of raw materials available on site;
  • climatic situations;
  • The regulations to be met.

WEGH Group can assist the customer in selecting between the two production systems, Long Line and Carousel, to identify the most suitable solution.


Long Line production plants for prestressed concrete sleepers and sleepers feature a level of automationthat allows them to operate in a wide variety of production settings.
The plant control system is electromechanical and allows the operator to, via a ergonomic console, Simple and intuitive semi-automatic management.

An added value of Long-Line plants for concrete sleepers and sleepers is theuse of improved-adherence wires or strands, which are readily available, even locally. This saves on the final product, as well as distributing prestress loads more efficiently.

Long Line production facilities have production capacities ranging from 120 to 4800 sleepers per day and are developed to adapt to the demands of the customer and the target market.
The modular logic and high production flexibility of the machines in Wegh Group’s Long Line production plants allows for the implementation of production lines through scalar and low investment.
The main production machines, combined with purpose-built production layouts, can be used on several parallel Long Lines: this feature allows, through gradual investments, the achievement of the production capacity required by the market.


Carousel production plants for prestressed reinforced concrete sleepers and sleepers are characterized by their high level of automation. In fact, the machines that make up the various stations of the production process are managed and controlled by PLCs (i.e., centralized peripherals with programmable logic) that ensure theirhigh precision and reliability.
WEGH Group offers production facilities with production capacities that support 25 to 150 sleepers per hour.
A special feature of WEGH Group’s Carousel plants is that they offer different prestressing systems such as:

  • With improved adherence wires;
  • to wires with anchor plates at the ends:
  • post-tensioned, by the use of sheathed wires and bolted to the anchor plates.

The Carousel system is a versatile solution that adapts to different production needs. In addition, Wegh Group’s Carousel concrete sleeper production plants are made up of modular components, designed in order to guarantee, should the market require it, an increase in hourly production through the mere installation of additional machinery alongside the existing ones.
Such a system is greatly facilitated by the fact that Carousel plants do not require foundations or civil structures: this allows for mobility, ease of disassembly, and relative re-assembly at other sites.

Effective Maintenance with Wegh Easy Maintenance

Wegh Group is able to provide turnkey solutions including the supply of testing laboratories and the equipment necessary for the constant quality monitoring of the manufactured product, from presses up to devices for dimensional and nondestructive testing.
In order to ensure ongoing support of our customer clients, we have activated after-sales programs targeted to the needs of each customer. These include the Wegh Easy Maintenance program, designed to support customers in more efficient maintenance management.
Wegh Easy Maintenance includes of spare parts packages for each machine depending on the number of sleepers produced, optimizing inventory and on-site audits and visits. These are aimed not only at the general evaluation of the plant, but also at the continuous training and updating of maintenance personnel working in the plant through special courses.

Ballastless plate systems in Carousel and Long Line

Prestressed concrete ballastless plate production plants have been part of WEGH Group’s portfolio since the early 1980s. We were the first concrete sleeper plant manufacturer in Europe to develop a production system according to EU regulations.

WEGH Group designs and manufactures complete plants, both Long Line and Carousel, for the production of prefabricated elements that make up theballastless railway, metro and tramway superstructure, such as, for example, the prestressed reinforced concrete platforms used in the Ariadne® system.

Machinery and equipment for Carousel and Long Line plants

Wegh Group can supply machinery and equipment and carry out partial or complete revamping of old plants.
By constantly investing in R&D, WEGH Group offers innovative and cutting-edge solutions both in terms of production, in terms of OEE machines, but also in terms of Optimization of energy consumption. We combine, at the same time, the implementation of systems (SCADA) for control and analysis of production data in line with the Industry 4.0 plan.

The synergy between the Plant and Armament Business Units enables the continuous improvement of plant reliability, availability, quality and productivity, ensuring that technology is always at the cutting edge.
Through gradual modernization of equipment and machinery, with a focus on critical production issues, WEGH Group is able to assist the client by formulating a dedicated gradual revamping plan, highlighting the necessary investment and timing.

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