After-sales services

With product and process know-how, we are able to respond to all the various needs and problems of our customers worldwide. We support our clients in analyzing and choosing the best solution for the context.

Wegh Easy Maintenance After Sales Services

Wegh Group is able to provide turnkey solutions including the supply of testing laboratories and the equipment necessary for the constant quality monitoring of the manufactured product, from presses up to devices for dimensional and nondestructive testing.
In order to ensure ongoing support of our customer clients, we have activated after-sales programs targeted to the needs of each customer. These include the Wegh Easy Maintenance program, designed to support customers in more efficient maintenance management.
Wegh Easy Maintenance includes of spare parts packages for each machine depending on the number of sleepers produced, optimizing inventory and on-site audits and visits. These are aimed not only at the general evaluation of the plant, but also at the continuous training and updating of maintenance personnel working in the plant through special courses.

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