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Planta de traviesas de hormigón armado pretensado

Revamping of the major Bulgarian Sleepers Production Plant

In the complex scenario of a plant revamping, the Plant Division of  WEGH Group has just successfully completed the upgrading of a concrete sleepers production plant located in Bulgaria. WEGH provided a turnkey solution by means the implementation of new equipment with the latest technology, from mechanical till electrical aspects, installing semi-automatic machineries such as […]

Under Sleeper Pad Automatic Positioning WEGH PT-MF20

The continuous WEGH Group technological innovation has led to the development of an innovative system for the positioning of Under Sleeper Pads (USP) on railway sleepers, a patented solution. The PT-MF20 automatic USP positioning machine, designed in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, is equipped with: Automatic ID mould identification system (sleepers to be produced); […]

Encabezadora automática de alambres RF20

Encabezadora automática de alambres RF20 El constante proceso de mejora que siempre ha distinguido a WEGH Group a lo largo de los años, ha llevado a otra importante innovación en la planta de producción de WEGH Group. La planta, ubicada en Calcinate (BG), está destinada a la producción de traviesas de hormigón para los players […]