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WEGH Group subcontracted for track works on the Storstrøm Bridge in Denmark

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WEGH, as a subcontractor of the Italian Contractor ITINERA spa, is responsible for the Design, Production and Installation of its Precast and Prestressed Slab Track System ARIANNA for the Storstrøm Bridge in Denmark.

The Storstrømsbroen Project consists of a combined railway, road, and pedestrian and cycle path bridge which is planned to connect Zealand and the island Falster via Masnedø. It is expected to become the third largest bridge in Denmark upon the completion of construction in 2022. The new cable-stay bridge deck is made by three expansion sections. Expansion joints and rail expansions are established installed in the joints.

The construction of the bridge will involve extensive use of prefabricated concrete elements for both substructure, such as foundations, pier segments, bridge girders and for superstructure using WEGH patented Slab Track System ARIANNA for the 8 km of main line and Special Slabs for Rail Expansion Devices and Transition Zones with the ballasted tracks at the ends of the bridge.

Once again WEGH Group is present in the world with the professionalism of its employees and the innovation of its products.