Wegh Group

New order in Uzbekistan for Wegh Group

Wegh Group confirms its leadership in the construction and installation of plants for the production of concrete railway sleepers, with the signing of the contract for a new plant in Uzbekistan, the third in the country in the last 20 years.

This is a plant, which will be used by LLC Eyvalek Technology, of the Long Line type with 3 lines of 40 formworks each with a nominal production capacity of about 1000 crossbars per day, alongside the current Bench system plant, which will be replaced over time.  Production is expected to start at the end of this year.   In recent years Uzbekistan has started an important plan for the development of its railway network, which includes the upgrade of existing lines (which are 1520 mm wide-gauge) with improvement of the equipment (sleepers and rails), electrification and construction of new lines.

The Uzbek railways are looking with great interest at the Chinese project «Belt and Road Initiative», which includes the development of land traffic between the Asian giant and Europe along a railway route called New Silk Road.  The Uzbek network covers 6950 km and in 2018 transported almost 95 million tons of goods and 22.6 million passengers.

With this new order, Wegh Group confirms its position as a reference point in the sector of machinery for the production of concrete sleepers, being able to offer both Long Line plants and the latest generation of Carousel-type, which can be made to measure for the customer’s needs, in a short time and on a turnkey basis.