Wegh Group

WEGH Group annual convention: 2018 closes with a result 20% better than the previous year. The company also presented its 2019 targets

WEGH Group has gathered all the women and men of the company, in the Convention that, as every year, is an opportunity to analyse the activities carried out and to set the objectives of the future, as well as a time to refine the team spirit and celebrate Christmas together.
WEGH Group closes the year with extremely positive results, 20% higher than those of 2017 and 12 Mil of investments, confirming the dynamism and concreteness of the company capable of being a leading player in both domestic and international markets. On this occasion, the 2019 objectives plan was also presented, which provides important results in both R & D and production processes.
Aware of the market that will be faced and the difficulties to be taken into account for the global, Italian economic, political and geopolitical situation, the project still foresees a 2-digit growth in turnover and a consequent reverberation on EBITDA