Wegh Group

WEGH Group receives new order from VNR (Vietnam National Railways) for 200 level crossing barrier machines

In the autumn of this year, WEGH Group SpA will supply Vietnam National Railways (VNR) with a new batch of 200 level crossing barrier machines TD96/2 to be installed in the various compartments of the local rail network. The collaboration on the Italy-Vietnam path, started in 2017, has been consolidated thanks to the great reliability of the 250 barrier machines already operational; the WEGH quality, recognized by VNR and now considered not to be prescindible, lays the foundations for new opportunities in the country. In particular, they will be installed by Vietnamese technicians to protect the numerous road crossings along the most important railway line in the country, which runs from Hanoi to Ho Chi Min City, thus improving safety and making the service more reliable. The barrier machines designed and produced by WEGH Group have been preferred to similar products of other international companies also for their absolute reliability. It should not be forgotten that the WEGH Group has configured the barrier machines specifically for the application context in Vietnam, taking into account some specific requests from VNR technicians. This flexibility is very much appreciated in markets outside Europe.