Over the past sixty years our company has been a reference worldwide for the manufacture of railway, tramway and underground superstructures.
We develop all engineering stages, we manufacture, supply and lay the superstructures, and finally give the client support for maintenance.
We are world leaders in the construction of complete “turn-key” plants, which we design, for the manufacture of concrete sleepers and switch bearers.
We have conceived of and developed an innovative system of prefab concrete slab tracks for the construction of ballastless superstructures.
We are active in the railway signalling and safety areas with our level crossing barrier machines, which are appreciated by Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (Italian Railway Network) for their very high safety standards and are the preferred solution of foreign operators too.
We have developed an innovative system of in-sleeper barrier machine for railway switches.
The synergy among the various divisions in our company makes us an all-round, up-to-date and competitive partner who can offer multi-disciplinary competences for different railway projects.
Based on the above, choosing WEGH GROUP means to rely on a serious and competent partner whose primary objective is to meet the client’s requirements at best, both in Italy and in each and every part of the world.


WEGH Group constantly updates process certifications attesting to its competences and skills in the manufacture of superstructures, superstructure manufacturing plants, components for level crossings and rolling stock. The advantages of our quality policy (reduction of costs, waste and disservices) directly extend to the clients’ benefit.



WEGH Group has a Quality Management System certified against standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.
Company processes are managed by the organization with a constant view to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

Wegh Group has been awarded the “Environmental Management System” certification against standard ISO 14001:2004 for its constant analysis and improvement of the environmental performances of its business and services.

Wegh Group complies with the requirements of standard BS OHSAS 18001:2007 concerning the Occupational Health and Safety Management System which provides for an organizational corporate system aimed at ensuring the achievement of health and safety objectives, trying to maximise the benefits and to minimise costs through structuring and management.

Environmental Certification ISO 14001 2015
Safety Certification ISO 45001 2018
Quality Certificate ISO 9001 2015
Quality, Environment and Safety Policy



WEGH Group has been awarded the SOA certification.
The company employs highly qualified technical staff for the execution of the engineering activities and works involved in public bids.

SOA Certificate no. 2627/63/01 dated 3 April 2013



WEGH Group has a Skills Management System in accordance with the Organizational Communication on the Safety Certificate no. 30.2/DT dated 15 July 2014.

Certificate ISAR-SGC-1725



Wegh Group has decided to adhere to Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001 which provides for the Administrative Liability of Companies and requires them to implement an Organization, Management and Control Model.

Certificate ISAR-SGC-1725