Good reasons to choose Wegh

Good reasons to choose an innovative manufacturing plant by WEGH Group

The Plants Manufacturing Division has been designing and building plants for the manufacture of railway sleepers, switch bearers and ballastless slabs ever since 1982.
Having erected over 70 manufacturing plants in more than 30 countries – both Long-Line and Carousel systems, pre-tensioned and post-tensioned -, Wegh Group has the required skills to support its clients in selecting the production system that best suits the requirements in their country, such as availability and cost of raw materials, and environmental conditions.
Thanks to the synergy with the Sleepers Division, which has an over 40-year-long experience in the manufacture of prefab elements for railway superstructures, the Plants Manufacturing Division has now developed the know-how required to meet the most diversified requirements in very different environmental conditions, from very hot weather in desert areas to extreme cold in Siberia. This Division has an engineering team who can respond to the new demand for equipment supporting our Superstructures Division in the world.
Our professional experience combined with our knowledge of the production process, our engineering expertise, product certifications, and support to production to guarantee the expected product quality and quantity are the key factors enabling us to offer clients our products/services as a reliable partner in turn-key projects.
Investments in innovation give our division the opportunity to win the future challenge posed by digitalization.