The plants for the manufacture of switch bearers offer a functional and assisted production process throughout all manufacturing stages. The Long-Line solution for switch bearers is designed as a self-resistant solution – the mould frame supports the pre-stressing force so that no foundation is required – and as a traditional system where the stressing and relaxation anchor posts are housed in suitable foundation ditches. The production lines in Long-Line plants and the moulds used in Wegh Group Carousel systems are designed for user-friendly and quick replacement of the back plates and separators during mould adjustment to change over to a new prefab element production.


Long–Line plants for the manufacture of sleepers and switch bearers are one of WEGH Group historical products and they have been installed in each and every part of the world. These plants feature electromechanical control systems with standard and easy-to-find components, which is a crucial advantage when working in difficult areas and contexts.
WEGH Group Long-Line technology allows for the loosening and cutting of the pre-stressing wires as well as sleeper demoulding without any movement of the moulds.
The moulds designed and manufactured for the Long-Line system are available in solutions with interchangeable rail pads, thus allowing for the use of different types of fastening systems such as Pandrol e-clip, Fast clip, Vossloh, D.E. clip, Denik, Stedef, KB, ARS, etc. The manufacturing process is fully assisted by semi-automatic machinery. Railway sleepers are cast upside down and they are turned automatically during the demoulding stage. Long-Line plants are characterised by the use of the bonded tendon system, which is a remarkable saving in the production of concrete railway sleepers because with it products as they are on the market, i.e. without any further processing or special accessories, can be used.


Carousel plants are characterised by a high level of automation. Machinery used in the production cycle are PLC-controlled and they have high level technological features and performances. WEGH Group has been building plants for the manufacture of railway sleepers made of prestressed reinforced concrete – either post-tensioned or pre-tensioned – with the Carousel system since 1982. Such plants are organised as a closed loop where the moulds, each featuring 2 to 4 sleeper moulds, can support the pre-stressing force.
Moulds, as configured above, travel along the production line through the various processing stations where work processes are performed before they move on to the next step.
The moulds designed and manufactured for the Carousel system are available in solutions with interchangeable rail pads, which allows for the use of different types of fastening systems such as Pandrol e-clip, Fast clip, Vossloh, D.E. clip, Denik, Stedef, KB, ARS, etc. WEGH Group offers customised solutions for the design and construction of both the plants and the moulds.
Carousel plants offer the opportunity to chose among a range of various pre-stressing systems:
– pre-tensioned wire pre-stressing with smooth steel wires threaded to the steel head plates;
– pre-tensioned wire pre-stressing using bonded tendons;
– post-tensioned wire pre-stressing using sheathed steel wires bolted with steel plates to the ends of the sleeper.

Main features











Switch bearer type

Production output
70 to 240 m elements per lane

Pre-stressing type
Bonded tendons (indented wires/strands)

Transfer to pre-stressing station
By hydraulic cylinders

Concrete transfer to distribution station
By automatic systems upon request

Concrete casting
Assisted with semi-automatic machines

Concrete vibration
By external, high frequency electric vibrators

Strand cutting
Assisted with semi-automatic machines

Mould oiling – laying of wires/strands
Assisted with semi-automatic machines

Main features










Tipologia traverse

Capacità produttiva
50/100/150/200/250 traverse da deviatoio cad. turno

Tipologia di precompressione
Con ancoraggi di testata (precompressione)
Con fili inguainati (postensione)

Trasferimento precompressione
Simultanea su entrambi i lati e su tutti i tiranti

Trasporto calcestruzzo alla distributrice
Su richiesta a mezzo di sistemi automatici

Fase di getto del calcestruzzo
Assistito con macchine semiautomatiche

Fase di vibrazione calcestruzzo
A mezzo banchi vibranti con vibratori elettrici esterni ad alta frequenza

Fasi di produzione
Da semiatomatiche ad automatiche a seconda della produttività/tipologia di impianto

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