Production of railway structures in PRC

Production of railway structures in PRC (Prestressed reinforced concrete)

WEGH Group’s Railway Structure Division operates in the construction of track for railway, tram and metro lines. Thanks to the commitment and passion of our team and our long experience in the sector, our division is recognised as a qualified partner in the rail transport sector.

Research is at the heart of the innovative drive of the railway structure division: collaboration with leading universities and the constant improvement of product quality and performance led our company, in 1984, to be the first European railway infrastructure company to create innovative ballast-free precast prestressed slab systems, which are now increasingly adopted by railway operators worldwide.

Our ballastless rail infrastructure solutions

WEGH Group, with its Railway Structure Business Unit, manufactures ballastless track systems with pre-stressed reinforced concrete slabs called the Arianna® system, ideal for all types of projects, from traditional to high-speed lines. The division not only handles the three design stages (feasibility, final and executive) of the ballastless track system but also implements it on site.

What are Arianna®’s strengths?

  • durability;
  • greater geometric track stability;
  • reduced maintenance;
  • lifetime cost;
  • railway safety;
  • elimination of ballast pulverisation;
  • possibility of converting a ballasted line to ballastless without prolonged interruption of operation

Where is Arianna® used?

  • viaducts and tunnels, because it reduces maintenance costs;
  • stations, because it simplifies the cleaning of the track.

The Arianna® system is available in two versions: the standard version, with superior characteristics to traditional ballasted systems, and the Plus version, designed for cases requiring high performance to limit vibrations.

The Arianna® system

Arianna® is a ballastless system consisting of precast pre-stressed reinforced concrete slabs with a special screed that ensures optimised support and compensates for irregularities in the foundation.

The system is ideal for railway, metro, and tram lines, especially for high-speed and high-capacity lines.

Partner in all phases

WEGH Group’s Railway Structure Business Unit offers itself as a planning partner in all phases (feasibility, final and executive), as well as for the production and on-site implementation of the ballastless structure.

The main steps are:

  • construction of the foundation (precast in the case of line renewal);
  • positioning of the slabs along the section;
  • track assembly and adjustment;
  • injection of the bedding layer.

Structure installation is an operation that requires the best professionals on the market. Each step requires great skill and experience: two qualities that are an integral characteristic of WEGH Group.

To learn about the peculiarities of and find information on all the projects we have implemented in our history, consult the References page.

R&D is a key function to which significant resources are allocated.