Thanks to the Arianna ® prefab slab track made of prestressed reinforced concrete, WEGH Group can offer technological solutions that are fit for any type of project, i.e. either traditional or high speed lines, bridges and viaducts, natural or artificial tunnels, stations or above-ground installations. It is the ideal solution whenever a tunnel railway line must be accessible by rubber-wheeled rescue vehicles as it reduces the overall weight of the structure and it has extremely low maintenance costs, which makes it more cost-efficient than a traditional ballast system over the entire life cycle of the rail.


Arianna ® is a ballastless system consisting of prefab slab tracks made of prestressed reinforced concrete installed on a base foundation with the insertion of a special bedding layer which creates a regular and even resting surface, thus compensating foundation irregularities. Arianna ® R-SLAB is the ballastless solution specifically designed for railway lines and it is ideal for passenger and high speed lines, thanks to its safety features, for tunnels when access to the line must be granted to rubber-wheeled rescue vehicles, for viaducts as it reduces the overall weight of the structure, and for reduced maintenance costs, which is not of least importance. Arianna ® does not require traditional maintenance such as ballast tamping, levelling, cleaning and renewal, which is a significant factor especially in stations.
The Arianna system is supplied in both standard and Plus versions. If, on the one hand, the standard version meets anti vibration specifications that are comparable to a ballast system, the Arianna ® Plus version is designed for cases where high performances are required in terms of vibration damping in crucial sections of the railway line, due to proximity to residential buildings, in tunnel sections interfering with sensitive points or in stations. The Arianna ® ballastless system, which is conceived, designed and manufactured by Wegh Group, offers safe train travel and excellent superstructure accessibility.

Main features of Slab Track System









Slab Track System – STS

Prefab slab track made of prestressed, vibrated reinforced concrete on both sides

Configured for straight, curved and spiral tracks

515x240x18 cm

5580 kg

Rail fastening system
Vossloh – Sistema 300

Support clearance
650 mm

Superstructure 60E1

Materials of slab track system

  • concrete C 45/55 at 28 days and concrete C 30/35 at pre-stressing; 
  • crosswise pre-stressing reinforcement: wire diameter 9.4 mm
  • fptk ≥ 1570,00 N/mm
  • fp(0,1)k ≥ 1420,00 N/mm
  • steel reinforcement Class B450C;

Height of bedding layer (excluded): 50mm.
Total pack height from top of rail (foundation excluded): 467 mm.


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