WEGH Group has been a leader in the manufacture of sleepers and switch bearers for over 40 years now. Since 1987, and for the first time ever in Europe, WEGH has completed its sleeper line with an innovative prefab slab track system made of prestressed reinforced concrete. Our prefab elements for railway, tramway and underground superstructures are selected and used by the main railroad network contractors in Italy and by numerous entities abroad.
The group stands out for its all-round competences in all the steps involved in the construction of a superstructure: design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and support to clients during works execution.


Sleepers made of prestressed reinforced concrete are the most common type of superstructure in the railway industry worldwide…


WEGH Group manufactures prestressed reinforced concrete switch bearers in variable sizes depending on the different…


WEGH Group manufactures a ballastless system consisting of prestressed reinforced concrete prefab slab tracks…

Why choose Wegh? Our company is worldwide known as leader in sleepers.

R&D is a key function to which significant resources are allocated.