Innovation is the driver of our company. On average, we invest 7% of our turnover in Research & Development, notably in our two R&D Centres in La Spezia and Bergamo.

We utilise our 60-year-long experience on the field to engineer and offer the railway market new products that enhance railway operation.

Our modern Research & Development Centre in La Spezia is fully dedicated to innovation in railway applications, focusing specifically on the development of projects in the areas of signalling and safety equipment, i.e. level crossings and mechanisms for railway point machines, taking as reference the strictest safety standards (CENELEC, RFI supply specifications). La Spezia is the hub where all engineering, prototyping, inspection and project validation activities take place.

This is a hub of excellence in electronic, mechanical and electromechanical research. The daily work of engineers and technicians is geared at designing new solutions for the market in addition to constantly improving the existing products.

Research & Development processes are implemented by highly qualified personnel who use modern modelling and simulation software such as 2D and 3D CAD, as well as experimental, state-of-the-art technologies and sophisticated equipment. Dedicated Verification and Validation functions, who are independent from the project team, follow the entire engineering process until the issuing of the final design drawings, validated for use.

The second Wegh Research & Development Centre is located in Bergamo. It specialises in railway superstructures.

The work of the team of engineers in this centre is focused on finding solutions to enhance the quality of railway, tramway or underground superstructures. The Centre is responsible for the type-approval of sleepers, switch bearers, and ballastless systems with the purpose of offering innovative vibration and noise damping products which increase the performances of the superstructure systems and at the same time reduce the full life cycle cost.

Our R&D Centres also have on-going collaborations with universities both in Italy and abroad with which they start specific cooperation and projects.

Thanks to our engineers and technicians, their passion and expertise, the railways of tomorrow start now.