WEGH Group: a company specialising in the international rail sector

Ability, experience, diverse skills and the constant search for innovative solutions: these are the factors on which the philosophy of our group is based. WEGH Group is at the service of the rail transport technology sector, which is constantly changing, as are our services and products, thanks to constant investments in R&D. The dynamism and synergy between the different skills of our Business Units are reflected in our name, WEGH, which in Indo-European languages means path, road or movement.

Over 60 years of experience as a manufacturer of railway sleepers

WEGH Group’s story began more than 60 years ago, in 1958, with the founding of “Niccoli e Naldoni”, a company specialising in the manufacture of railway signalling components. The company has grown steadily since then, and today it is a benchmark in railway construction and other sectors, known for the quality of its products.

In over 60 years, WEGH Group has installed:

  • over 42 thousand ballastless platforms in operation since 1988;
  • over 12,000 sets of equipment for level crossing protection;
  • over 12 million sleepers on Italian soil;
  • over 2 million sleepers on the international market;
  • over 70 plants for the production of sleepers, turnout sleepers and slabs.

The group has 560 clients worldwide and 6 active production plants in Italy and abroad

Skills in synergy

The WEGH Group has evolved over time, increasing its skills thanks to the integration of other companies operating in this field. The group has implemented its know-how by dividing it into specialised and synergistic Business Units: Bima, Sici impianti, Cosmet, Tecno Device, Les Elettronica, Ipa, Ipa International and Olmi are entities whose wealth of knowledge and talent contribute to the commitment and quality of the WEGH Group’s work on a daily basis.

The company’s expertise allows it to design and manufacture systems, signalling equipment, sleepers and ballastless railway tracks, meeting the finished product certification requirements of the most significant market standards, including but not limited to EN, AREMA and GOST.

Innovation first

WEGH Group’s mission is to offer the market products that guarantee the expected safety, fast serviceability and availability of the asset, aimed at reducing the resulting problems and guaranteeing a low lifetime cost for an economic return on investment.

These objectives, combined with the release of innovative products, drive WEGH Group to spend an average of 7% of its turnover on research and development, with the aim of offering the market solutions tailored to client needs.

WEGH Group has two research centres: one in La Spezia for mechanical, electromechanical and electronic products and one in Bergamo for railway, tram and metro products and systems.

Some examples: In 1987 our company was the first in Europe to introduce the ballastless system with precast slabs. Our TD96/2 P.L. level crossing machines are a reference point for the sector: in the 2000s they became the most widely used product by Italian railways (RFI and concessions) thanks to their reliability.

The two centres work to create high-performance solutions and the experience and skills of the research group, combined with the passion of the individuals, form a team capable of delivering ambitious projects. Both centres collaborate with national and international universities, guaranteeing high technological standards.

Our clients

Our clients trust WEGH Group knowing that they will receive a quality product, a competitive lifetime cost and an efficient after-sales service. When dealing with WEGH Group, clients are constantly supported by a team of sales engineers specialised in the product lines, whose task it is to provide rapid solutions to client needs. This has allowed us to build up a portfolio of major clients, proven by their references, both on the domestic and international markets, with over 560 clients in over 40 countries.



WEGH Group constantly updates process certifications attesting to its competences and skills in the manufacture of superstructures, superstructure manufacturing plants, components for level crossings and rolling stock. The advantages of our quality policy (reduction of costs, waste and disservices) directly extend to the clients’ benefit.



WEGH Group has a Quality Management System certified against standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.
Company processes are managed by the organization with a constant view to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

Wegh Group has been awarded the “Environmental Management System” certification against standard ISO 14001:2004 for its constant analysis and improvement of the environmental performances of its business and services.

Wegh Group complies with the requirements of standard BS OHSAS 18001:2007 concerning the Occupational Health and Safety Management System which provides for an organizational corporate system aimed at ensuring the achievement of health and safety objectives, trying to maximise the benefits and to minimise costs through structuring and management.

Environmental Certification ISO 14001 2015

Safety Certification ISO 45001 2018

Quality Certificate ISO 9001 2015

Policy Environmental, Safety, Quality




WEGH Group has been awarded the SOA certification.
The company employs highly qualified technical staff for the execution of the engineering activities and works involved in public bids.

SOA Certificate



WEGH Group has a Skills Management System in accordance with the Organizational Communication on the Safety Certificate no. 30.2/DT dated 3 August 2018.

Certificate ISAR-SGC-2027



Wegh Group has decided to adhere to Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001 which provides for the Administrative Liability of Companies and requires them to implement an Organization, Management and Control Model.

Certificate ISAR-SGC-1725