Good reasons to choose Wegh

Clients normally choose Wegh for the high technological value of our production and for the quality of our services in addition to the flexibility we offer them. They choose us because we examine their requests with a problem-solving approach, we guide them step by step to their targets, and we give them support until their satisfaction is achieved.

They choose us because they are aware that they can rely on a group with proved soundness, which is a synonym of absolute guarantee at all levels. We have now an over 40-year-long experience in the production of railway superstructures and, throughout these years, we have manufactured over 10 million sleepers/switch bearers featuring many different types of fastening systems.

We did this all without losing sight of our principles: high manufacturing technology, constant pursuit of innovative solutions, dedication to customer service, and the ability to always take up upcoming challenges.

Professionalism and competence

Our people can find the most performing mix and design to respond to the client’s needs wherever the client is located and in any climate.

A team with a consolidated know-how work together to meet the client’s needs. They keep constantly updated and draw motivation from the many targets they still have to achieve, being aware of tradition that renews itself through a constant innovation-oriented process.

Wegh is the coming together of different professionalisms and high profile competences which are synchronised in the gears of the company at global level, where the contribution of the individual is enhanced in the overall operational framework.