Wegh Group

Patents and R&D at the time of Covid-19

Constant research and technological improvements have always characterized the spirit of innovation inside Wegh Group Spa.

It is due to this approach that the R&D technical department has developed, filed and patented a synchronised system for unscrewing pre-stressing tie-rods in four-cavity formworks.

A combination of mechanics and automation that allows the gradual release of prestressing forces on concrete sleepers through simultaneous relaxation of all the tie-rods on both formwork head sides .

The solution, applied to carousel systems for the production of railway sleepers, brings countless advantages in terms of optimisation of the production process and reflects Wegh Group Spa’s desire to always be at the forefront in the search for innovations that have a tangible impact both on the product, in terms of guarantee and quality, and on the production process, in terms of targeted efficiency.