Wegh Group

Joint Venture: start of production of pre-stressed concrete sleepers



Let’s focus on the hot South America. There is a country that, in size, has nothing to do with the great states of South America, but it is precisely this that distinguishes it. A set of unique peculiarities have given birth to the Oriental Republic of Uruguay. In Uruguay, WEGH has decided to put down roots for a new Joint Venture.


The project sees DURMIENTES de URUGUAY engaged in the production, started in September 2020, of 570,000 prestressed concrete railway sleepers. The plant used for the production of pre-stressed concrete sleepers is a latest-generation carousel plant and has been supplied by WEGH Group with a daily production capacity of over 2000 prestressed concrete sleepers.

The line to which these sleepers will be destined is the MonteVideo Port – Paso de los Toros line


Production of this batch of prestressed concrete sleepers will end in March 2022, at which point DURMIENTES de URUGUAY will aim to become a referencial society to meet market needs.