Wegh Group

An independent study by Corriere della Sera certifies that WEGH Group is one of the leading companies in Emilia Romagna.

Wegh Group is one of the leading companies in Emilia Romagna, one of the main industrial areas of the country. This was revealed by research carried out by Corriere della Sera with Italy Post to analyse the performance of medium-sized companies in some Italian regions.

But what are the parameters chosen to be indicated as excellence in the production system, in this case in Emilia Romagna?  To be one of the “Champions”, the company must have achieved, in the period 2011-2017, an average annual growth rate in turnover of 3% or more.  The “Champions” companies in Emilia Romagna, 175 chosen in every industrial sector, have far exceeded this limit, arriving together at a growth of 9.64% confirmed by other economic indicators, such as Roe, Ebitda, etc..

The independent research, carried out by Corriere della Sera, gives a good picture of the vitality of the entrepreneurship of Emilia Romagna and recognizes the extraordinary results in terms of development and growth that WEGH Group has been able to achieve in Italy and abroad, in a particular sector that requires high quality standards, such as the railways.

The award is a further incentive for new challenges.