Wegh Group

WEGH Group’s new plant closes the start-up in Calcinate and takes the production of concrete railway sleepers into the future

WEGH Group has recently started up a new plant for the production of concrete sleepers at its production unit in Calcinate. With this goal achieved today, Wegh demonstrates its know-how by offering a leading product for technology, quality, reliability and cost containment of product with the optimization of the ratio production / man-hours.
For 60 years, the WEGH Group has invested in research and innovation and this new plant (carousel type) is perfectly in line with this philosophy. It is a true evolution of the production of concrete sleepers, in line with the parameters of the Industry 4.0 studied, designed and built by WEGH – OLMI Division.
The equipment was installed in a warehouse of about 2500 square meters and involves a total team of 13 people in the various stages of the process. The production capacity is 1400 sleepers in a 8-hour shift.
The technical characteristics of the plant are at the forefront: it is a scalable plant in which it is possible to add parts to increase production capacity, through the installation of new machines and with targeted investments. Another important feature is the production flexibility: automatically, the plant is able to produce and manage different types of sleepers during the same work shift, avoiding any machine downtime. It is also equipped with a passive RFID MOBY recording system, used to record and track, for each type of mould, the stressing parameters of the relative production process, the quantity of concrete, the unscrewing cycle and the curing process. In this way, it is possible to record the production parameters of each individual sleeper and have continuous quality control. This is accompanied by a predictive maintenance project that aims to ensure easy management of costs and the planning of maintenance operations. WEGH Group is also a manufacturer of production plants and of concrete sleepers and crossbars (more than 70 WEGH Group plants are installed worldwide): in this way it has experience and total control over process and product know-how and this allows it to guarantee product quality and production efficiency. With the new plant started up in Calcinate, WEGH Group confirms its knowledge in the production and management of Carousel and Long Line technology plants as well as the ability to accompany its partners in the choice most appropriate to their needs.